Friday, September 16, 2005

Drawing cars on Friday afternoon

Last week a child asked if he could take one of my car pictures home to continue his drawing. Unfortunately my response was no, I don't let these types of materials out of the room as I often never see them again. So he asked, "where did you get this photo, I'd really like to have one." I simply told him that I found it on a car calendar I got at the dollar store. Today, a week later, he came to art with a very satisfied look on his face and told me that he found the same calendar at the dollar store (2 years later). He beamed with excitement, now he could continue his passion for drawing cars at home just as he does in the art room. This encounter made me sure that he was not only learning about drawing in the artroom but also how to act like an artist, 45 minutes of art at exactly 12:10 on Friday afternoon is no longer enough for him.


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