Thursday, September 22, 2005

"next project"

I opened the full found object and cardboard construction center today. On the second day of school one 4th grade girl drew a sketch in pencil. It was a boat with wheels, and the only color piece was the sail colored with the a rainbow crayon. On the bottom she labeled the drawing "next project". The multicolored sail was inspired by a piece of paste paper in the collage center. Her decision to choose the rainbow crayon to show this could not have been better. When she started to build the boat with wheels she started with cardboard the first day as this was the only material available. This week when all the found object boxes were available she began to add details. The wheels were perfectly chosen to coordinate with her sketch. She achieved great accuracy by choosing 3 foam squares to decorate the front of the sculpture to exatly replicate the squares she traced from a template onto her sketch. I watched in awe as this young girl movde between centers, each inspired by the previous and chose the exact materials she needed for her self conceived project. Bliss.


Blogger Katie said...

can we please see photos of her work?

1:10 AM  

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