Friday, September 23, 2005

Under Over Under Over

Every morning I have one particular 5th grade girl who comes to my room and asks "Is the painting center open yet?" I reply, "sorry, not yet, soon though, soon." Last year was a struggle for her, the only thing she enjoyed and felt somewhat successful at was painting. She is a student who has trouble reading and has lots of academic difficulties. Last week when I introduced weaving shetook a risk and decided to try it. To my surprise she worked a complicated pattern and had not one mistake. She took it with her and I hooked her up with a weaving partner in her class so she could have him check it throughout the week. By lunchtime she had already come back to replenish her yarn supply. I am so happy that she has now found another success in the art room. Painting will open soon, I hope she continues to take risks even with her old standby around.


Blogger Clyde Gaw said...

Laurie, you are goin to town! Best wishes! Clyde Gaw

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