Monday, November 07, 2005

The 6 painter limit

For some time I have been frustrated with the mess left in the painting center and sink area when each class leaves. Instead of taking the paitning center away entirely I decided to limit the number of painters per class to 6 at a time. What a difference. This little change accomplished several things. It keeps all painters at one table, in one area of the room. At clean up I can tell who is supposed to be in the sink area and who is just hanging around. I have 3 sinks, so each only has to have 1 person waiting in line. with a very tight budget I don't have to put out as many paint trays (less wasted paint). Clean up has gone from complete insanity to a reasonable calm.


Blogger Linda Armstrong said...

What a great, simple idea! Will help many a teacher.

3:22 PM  
Blogger molly said...

I should start by saying that I love your blog! I often say that I could easily write a book with all the funny stories that happen in the art room. It's nice to see what's happening in other art rooms.

I often have the same problem with getting paint cleaned up, but with the limited amount of time that I see my students each week, I'm curious what the other students are doing when they're not painting. My clean-up solution is that I have sink monitors each week (my weekly jobs rotate by tables), and these kids make sure that palettes are clean, brushes are bristles up, and paper towels actually make it into the garbage. There's nothing worse that seeing the sinks a mess and this really helps.

9:36 AM  
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